I officially took my first solo trip! My decision to go to Houston was random, but I heard it was lit. I definitely think I would have had more fun if I went with friends but it was a great experience.

I stayed at the Hyatt Regency Houston/Galleria and it was PERFECT. The room was spacious, the staff were friendly and it was close to literally everything. The one thing that really eased my mind with safety during my trip was my portable door lock. As soon as I entered my room, even for a short time, I locked up with all the bolts plus my door lock.

I rented a car but getting the car was expensive. My flight didn't land in Houston until after 12am, so I couldn't get my rental from the airport. It was a $50 Uber ride to get to my hotel. I just Ubered some food to my hotel room, watched Netflix then called it a night. I did my Covid test at CVS (for free) early the next morning before I picked up my rental from the airport. It was a $65 Uber ride back to the airport. There were no other rental companies that had cars available that would let me avoid the Uber charge, and a rental was necessary for this trip.

I didn't really have an itinerary, I just wanted to take it day by day. The weather wasn't "hot" like I thought it would be, so I was disappointed. Once I got my rental I drove to the Galleria Mall to walk around and see the hype. The only section of the mall that was busy was the designer stores area. I didn't do any shopping but grabbed some food from Auntie Ann's. I went to the Seismique Museum which was actually quite a bit of fun. It was an interactive museum that you walk around.

I took most of my pictures with my selfie stick, and asked some people to take pictures for me. My selfie stick fit in my back pocket so it was easy to hide and carry. 

I didn't meet anyone so in the night I bar hopped alone. My first stop was Electric Feel Good which was an open air bar.

It was two floors, and it had a slide.

They had a neon sign that allowed for nice photoshoots. I only ordered one drink because it was empty and it wasn't vibey at all so I took a couple pictures and left.  

In this vicinity there were two other bars so I walked over to them too. It may be because I was early or it was a Thursday, but every bar was empty. My second location was 77 Degrees. This was a 3-level rooftop bar but most of it was closed when I went. They had swinging lounge chairs and love seats which I loved the most. They had a huge light up HTX sign to take pictures with. The music made it vibey, but it was also empty so I ordered one drink, took a couple pictures and left.  

 My last stop was a 2 minute walk and it was Wonder Bar.

Out of all three bars, this one was my favourite. They had multiple "stations" for pictures, they had swings outside, a faux birthday cake and a spinning wheel. With the spinning wheel you win a prize or do what it says.  


I ordered a drink and a giant pretzel.

Wonder Bar had more patrons then the other two bars I visited and had the best vibes. When my parking meter ran out after the hour, I went to Bar 2200.


This was the highlight of my night. Downstairs was packed so I got a seat at the bar upstairs. I ordered wings and hookah and vibed out for the night. The music was great, the vibes were great, it was packed and I stayed till close. 

Apparently you can't go to Houston and not try Turkey Leg Hut. I heard there is always a long wait so I woke up early and waited in line at 10:30am and they open at 11am. There was already a line up outside of the restaurant, but I was seated by 11:10am. I paid $20 for parking which was right outside the restaurant. I ordered Swamp Fries which were amazing and TLH special sauce turkey leg.


It was good, the turkey was tender and sliding off the bone but it is definitely overhyped in my opinion. I didn't finish my fries or my turkey so I took it home. I didn't have anything planned so I just drove to the Space Centre. 

I did a walk around and went through a rocket and then booked a tour around the centre. It was free but they fill up quickly.


There are multiple tours but they go to different locations. I drove over to Galveston Beach to watch the sunset and got stuck in crazy traffic. I was so full from Turkey Leg Hut I didn't eat for the rest of the day. I didn't go out to party just watched Netflix and went to bed.

I tried to wake up the next day early enough to get in line at Taste Bar + Kitchen without having to wait long. I failed. I waited for an hour in line just to get to the front to put my name on the waitlist.

Once my name was on the waitlist I waited for THREE hours until they said they aren't seating anyone anymore because the kitchen was backed up and food wasn't coming out. I was so mad I just left and went to KAMP for food.

KAMP is more of a day party vibe, but I was very hungry and didn't care. It was full and nowhere to sit so I made friends and sat at a table and ordered "brunch" and a drink.  I ordered chicken and waffles with bacon and a pineapple drink that came in a pineapple.


It was amazing. The music was BUMPING and it was a huge vibe. If I was with friends I would have enjoyed KAMP 1000x more. Since this was my last day I quickly drove to a graffiti wall to take some pictures before the sun set.

I wasted so much of my day waiting at Taste Bar + Kitchen I didn't do much during daylight. I went back to my hotel to change and went to Selfie Wrld.

It is literally a photoshoot spot to take pictures with various apparatus.

It was empty and there wasn't much to do alone so I took a few pictures and left for some rolled ice cream. 

I met up with a friend and we went to Seaside Lounge. This place was a vibe, very chill. We ordered hookah, food and some drinks.

We stayed there for a while then went to an after hours lounge. Since my flight was early in the morning we didn't stay long. I drank too much and had a crazy hangover before my flight the next day. I was FINALLY able to find a lounge to stay in before my flight so I was able to have breakfast and relax. 

Houston will definitely be seeing me again, but during a girls trip. There are so many places to eat and things to do that needed more than 3 days. Houston was a VIBE. 

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