I WENT TO THE MILLENIUM CONCERT! This whole trip was based on going the concert. It was literally my childhood I’m still so happy.  Before I get ahead of myself I'll start with the details as usual. This was my first time on a plane in almost a year.

This trip was travel hacked. I used my Air Miles to cover the ticket price and I only had to pay for taxes and fees which was $145. Since Covid-19 and all the changes I opted for additional insurance which was $100. This was my first time ever purchasing travel & medical insurance outside of the coverage provided by my credit card.

I had to have a Covid test done 3 days before my flight. I did the rapid antigen test at MedioneRx and paid $40 plus tax. I waited 20 minutes and got my results printed on paper, which I brought with me to the airport. I checked in online. I have a Nexus card so I was able to bypass the long security and customs lines and get to my gate very quickly. I volunteered to get put on a later flight and the Delta gate agent upgraded my seat to Comfort Plus (THANK GOODNESS because the plane was tiny and nobody sat beside me). The Priority Pass lounge to the US was closed so I had to wait at the gate. 

Fast forward landing in Atlanta, this airport was a headache. It took two or three trains just to get to the area to pick up my rental car and it was dirty!! I booked through Thrifty and booked it on my Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite card. I picked up my friend from her hotel and we went to Breakfast at Barney's. We didn't have a reservation and only had to wait 15 minutes for a table. I ordered the 24K pancakes which comes with edible flowers and gold, and a side of chicken sausage and turkey bacon. The edible flowers were disgusting but pancakes, sausage and bacon were perfection.

We headed to the Ponce City Market which was very underwhelming so we didn't stay long.

We stayed at the Hyatt Centric Hotel, which was travel hacked as well and paid for with points. We went to a lounge called Encore which was vibes. We had drinks and hookah and the music they played was spot on. Pretty girl privilege was rampant on this trip. All of our drinks and hookah was paid for. We later went to Nollywood for more drinks and hookah since they closed at 6am. 

Before we could start our day, we walked to our rental car and saw that someone hit it in the parking garage.

Thankfully the person left a note, and thankfully I booked on my Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite. I called them up and they handled the damage. This was my first time ever having to make a claim with the insurance my credit card comes with.*TIP: Make sure you decline ALL insurance from the rental company if you want to use the insurance with your card* The first thing we did after was arrange to have our Covid tests done since they had to be done within 3 days of the flight. CVS and Walgreens offered free PCR testing but when I tried to book online it kept asking for US information. Instead we took a test at a random drive thru and were told we'd receive our results the next day. The day started late so we missed the brunch spots we wanted to hit up. Instead we just went to Trap Music Museum since they open at 4pm and their line is usually long. It was $20 for entry and parking was $20. They have an escape room as well that you have to book a reservation for in advance. The Museum was cool, it's essentially just a photoshoot spot.


I finally lost my Slutty Vegan virginity. I've had this place on my list since 2019 and it is 10000% worth it. I'm also not vegan. I had the One Night Stand burger and it was amazing, a solid 13/10, and their fries are amazing too. The vibes are on point, the staff so friendly and there was no wait. SLUTTY VEGAN IS A MUST. 


That night we tried a new spot for bowling called The Painted Pin where there is live music, drinks, food, games and lounging. Valet parking was only $3. It's $5/pair of shoes and $40/hour game, up to 6 people. Another vibe. We ended the night at Hendrixx which was not as good as a vibe. We ordered hookah, drinks and snacks and we waited over an hour for Brussels sprouts!!!!! 

The next day my PCR test results still were not received so I ended up booking appointments at CVS and Walgreens online to take two more tests just to be safe. The workaround was to input the Canadian information with the Georgia information mixed. We went before our appointments but still were able to take our tests, which were self administered. We met up with some people and had brunch at Lily’s Restaurant and Lounge. They had a DJ and played good music but the music was so loud I couldn’t hear myself think. The chicken and waffles was good and the hookah was good. It was a small and cute spot for brunch. Right after brunch we went straight to a day lounge called Vision. Once again, we waited over an hour for food that was ordered, but the drinks came quick. The hookah was light and barely pulled, but the waitresses were very pretty. We had a meet and greet for the concert so we had to rush from Vision to get ready and be at the area for 7:30pm. Let me just say Omarion is fine af. We met both Omarion and Bow Wow, gave them hugs and took pictures. 

We got Bow Wow to sign our lanyards too!

Due to the meet and greet we missed the beginning performances of Sammie, Lloyd and others. We caught the performances of T.I.,  2Chainz, Rotimi, Pretty Ricky, Ashanti and then Omarion and Bow Wow. It was a great concert overall. 

I ran out of space in my luggage so I used a travel packing hack and put my clothes in a pillowcase and carried the pillowcase with me on the plane.

We arrived to the airport to leave 2 hours before our flight. We had to get gas then drop off our rental. I wish we aimed to get there 3 hours before. I got one of my results in time so we couldn't check in at a kiosk because they had to be verified by an attendant. I found out that my Nexus comes with TSA Precheck so I was able to bypass the long security lines. Even with this, I had to rush for the flight and I wasn't able to stop by the lounge to get anything to eat. My friend didn't have a Nexus so she was very close to missing our flight. Our flight left late, so we arrived late in Detroit, so once again, no lounge. Arriving late almost made us miss our second flight back to Toronto since our next gate was on the other side of the airport. When we landed there were no lines for customs and just showed our proof of vaccination and we were good to go. 

Atlanta (and Slutty Vegan) will definitely be seeing me again!

Watch my Atlanta Vlog and Millennium Concert here.

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